Lost Yeti lodge

Lost Yeti lodge

unrivaled fishing experience

The thrill and adventure of every angler’s dream awaits you in the land of the midnight sun, where the rivers run red and Salmon are King! Experience the breathtaking beauty and world renowned wonders of the Alaskan wilderness, while accessing the best fishing holes and stretches of river that the state has to offer.

Easily accessed by boat or our airstrip, a short 60 miles from Anchorage, our river front lodge is ideally situated where the Big Susitna and Yetna Rivers join together to form one of the state’s best fisheries. Here, at the foot of the Alaska and Chugach mountain ranges, millions of Salmon flow through the rivers every spring and summer. With five different species of Salmon, and an abundant supply of record breaking Rainbow Trout, Northern Pike, and Arctic Grayling, this is a fishing experience that is unrivaled.

Whether navigating the river tributaries by jet boat, casting your fly while floating down stream, or taking flight in search of the perfect fishing hole, our licensed and experienced guides will help you to create a one of a kind adventure that will not soon be forgotten. During each of your guided adventures, you will be provided with industry leading equipment and gear that will be sure to improve the rate of your success.

Our 5 day / 4 night packages are designed for small intimate groups of friends and family, and include a stay in one of our lodge’s comfortable rooms. Here you will find all of the amenities needed to help you feel at home during your stay. You will also be able to relax and unwind in our main lodge area while hanging out with family and friends, playing a game of pool or foosball, swapping stories with our friendly staff and guides, or simply relaxing in front of one of our big screen televisions with a ball game or favorite movie. Every morning and evening the main lodge is also where you will enjoy a hearty themed style meal.

Come hook into that once in a lifetime fish, catch a glimpse of a Moose or Brown Bear, and witness the unique natural beauty and wonder that can only be found in the last great American frontier.
You are sure to leave with adventures and memories that will last a lifetime.

In addition to our summer packages, we also open our lodge for a few short days during the month of March for a one of a kind Alaskan winter experience. You will be able to enjoy ice fishing, snowmobiling, witness the beauty of the Northern Lights, and participate as a spectator in the world famous Iditarod Races.

Alaskan Package Options

a fishing experience that is unrivaled

Heli Fishing

The back country of Alaska is filled with lakes, tributaries, and streams that are difficult to access and rarely fished. Experience the adventure of remote fishing while enjoying the comfort of our lodge. Our guided helicopter adventures will increase your range of fishing into areas where the native rainbow trout and grayling fish are record breaking.

Jet Boat Fishing

With hundreds of thousands of fish passing by every year, our lodge is an ideal location for accessing these plentiful waters. Our guided jet boats will help you to navigate the waterways and tributaries that will lead to those sweet honey holes that are often overlooked by the typical self-guided fisherman.

White Water Rafting

Whether you would prefer to drift down the river while fishing and taking in Alaska’s magnificent scenery, or feel the thrill of an unforgettable whitewater experience down class III and IV rapids, our guided rafting adventures are a great alternative to the typical day of fishing.

Winter Experience

We open up our lodge every March to give a few lucky guests the chance to experience the magic and excitement that can only be found in an Alaskan winter! Hook into a rainbow trout, arctic char, or a dolly varden while ice fishing on one of the areas many well stocked lakes, race across the frozen waterways on snowmobiles, view the beauty of the Northern Lights, and participate as a spectator in the world famous Iditarod Race.