Northwest's best kept secret!

Tucked away along the Southern Idaho and Oregon border, the Owyhee Wilderness is truly the Northwest’s best kept secret! The high desert of the Owyhee (pronounced O-Y-HE) is known for its beautiful sagebrush plateaus, breathtakingly steep cliffs, red-rock canyons, and riverside hot springs. This unique landscape has few trails and only rough roads allowing access into an expanse of open land that remains largely untouched. With the wild and winding Owyhee River and its tributaries at its center, this wilderness area is renowned among fly-anglers and white water rafters alike.

With Heli-on-the-Fly you will have the opportunity to experience the beauty and adventure of the Owyhee River System like no one else. Taking flight in a Robinson 66 Helicopter, you will be able to take in the magic of this unique landscape from the air, before being dropped off in the backcountry of the Owyhee Wilderness with one of our experienced guides.

Your guide will help you to navigate the Owyhee River, rafting through whitewater rapids and accessing the remote fishing holes and stretches of river where German Brown’s, Small & Large Mouth Bass, and Rainbow Trout are found in abundance. When not wetting a line, you can enjoy all that this primitive recreation area has to offer. You can soak in a riverside hot spring, hike and climb through the geological wonders of the cliffs and canyons, or learn about the unique history of the area while exploring the petroglyphs and old mining relics that dot this landscape.

At the end of each day you will find yourself unwinding in our comfortable and friendly camp. Enjoy the evening sitting around the campfire and swapping stories with our guides, as they prepare you a hearty themed style meal. After a good night’s rest, you will wake up to a delicious camp breakfast before heading out for another day of fishing in the Owyhee Wilderness.

Our 5 day / 4 night trips are designed for small intimate groups of friends and family. Let us help you create lasting memories, while discovering the one of a kind beauty and adventure that awaits you in the Owyhee Wilderness.

Oregon package options

German Brown's, Small & Large Mouth Bass, Rainbow Trout

Spin & Fly Fishing

The Upper Owyhee River and its tributaries are one of the best kept secrets in fly fishing. Far less accessible than lower sections of river, the fish here are hungry and eager to bite. With German Brown’s, Small & Large Mouth Bass, and Rainbow Trout running through its waters, you are sure to leave with a fly fishing experience that you won’t regret.

White Water Rafting

Peak rafting season in the Owyhee’s is in the spring and early summer, when the water levels are highest. The lower Owyhee River boasts class II, III, and IV rapids which are sure to give you the thrills and adventure that you’re looking for. Although this river system holds plenty of big water opportunities, there are also calm stretches along the way, allowing you to take in the scenery and cast a line

Hot Springs

Tucked away on mountain paths and along riverside banks, the Owyhee Wilderness is home to several natural hots springs just waiting to wash away stress and put you in a state of relaxation. Enjoy the many benefits of these warm mineral rich waters, while taking in the natural beauty of the Owyhees.

Regional Areas of Interest

Originating with three Hawaiian fur-trappers who helped in discovering the area, the name “Owyhee” is an early anglicized spelling for the word “Hawaii” and is home to a long and rich history. Native Americans have traversed the terrain of the Owyhees for millennia and evidence of their cultures can be seen in petroglyphs that extend along the rivers for many miles. The Owyhee Mountains is also home to a rich supply of gold that was discovered in 1863. Mining towns that developed as a result can still be seen today, including Idaho’s most famous ghost town - Silver City.